By bike through the rolling hills on the west of the Tiber river
""You will not believe to see lands, but a country painted with a precious brush ..." so Pliny the Younger described the enchanting places of this wonderful tour in the “Alta Valle del Tevere”. From the rolling hills on the west of the Tiber river, to the steep eastern slopes closing the borders of Marche, you will experience a fantastic adventure on two wheels to the discovery of enchanting places rich in art and history. During the breaks you can stop to visit beautiful towers, wonderful castles and ancient villages or simply admire the beautiful landscape. A landscape that will also hold pleasant surprises for you, like encounters with oaks, turkey oaks, chestnuts, deer, fallow deer, hares and all the other inhabitants of the woods.
Discovering the Alta Valle by bike
On a horseback between nature and art
Trekking among villages and nature